The girls are getting ready
to let you stare...
Go ahead, it’s for a good cause...
You've been caring for:
Wow, you really seem to care Seems like you like this part a lot. Take your time... Just admit it, you like to care. Just admit you like it. It’s ok. Thanks for giving your undivided attention. You really care a lot. Check out the other legs and see
which ones you like the most
A skirt to STOP AIDS NOW! Olcay Gulsen, Tess Milne and Anna Nooshin don't mind you staring – just show you're caring.
Go ahead and raise awareness for a skirt supporting women in Africa affected by HIV.
Start staring Come Closer, it’s ok
100% proceeds to STOP AIDS NOW!

Join our models. Make a fashion statement.
Get others to stare and raise awareness for
women in Africa affected by HIV.

limited edition 29,- euro. buy                 now
A skirt made to be stared at

Looking good can do good:
Find out how the proceeds help to build a brighter
future in Africa.

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